At the last quarter of 2010 there was a dream about forming a student group for Taoist Acupuncture. The idea was to form a group of students and practitioners of Chinese medicine and Taoism to study and and translate ancient medical and Taoist classics to further the understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

The site Taoist Acupuncture was launched at the beginning of January 2011 in hope to retrieve pieces of the lost soul of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. The site will publish translations from classics, poems, prescriptions and will house short notes from study group meetings, subjects and conclusions.

New contributors are welcome to join the effort of studying and translating important pieces from history of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. Contributions can be for example poems, paragraphs, sayings, complete works or case studies. Anything that deepens the practise of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in light of tradition is welcome.

To get an contributor access to the site please send an email to mikael [at] ikivesi.net introducing yourself and area of interest.

Site would also gladly include contact information of similar study groups around the world.